Reidar Nævdal

Reidar is a PhD candidate at The University in Bergen, and part of work package four (implementation) at the SFI. He is a clinical psychologist from the University of Bergen and holds a specialisation in communal psychology.

Reidars PhD investigates tailored implementation strategies for digital treatments, by using eMeistring as a case. eMeistring is a guided internet-delivered cognitive behavioural therapy (ICBT), and delivers treatment for anxiety and depression to patients in the Norwegian specialist health services.

The goal of the PhD project is to explore how implementation outcomes are affected by tailoring implementation strategies to fit a specific context and to the implementation object itself. To do this, the project will investigate how two separate interventions affects implementation. These are 1) changing the technology used to deliver the treatments, and 2) changing non-technological factors outside of the treatment. The first intervention is part of an initiated national collaboration for updating eMeistring, which is planned for 2024. The second intervention is done through the digital implementation tool “ItFitst – Toolkit”, where selected eMeistring-clinics develop and initiate tailored implementation strategies targeted to their context.

Data regarding the Technology Adoption Model is collected from all Norwegian clinics utilising eMeistring in a repeated measures design during both interventions. Furthermore, a qualitative study exploring stakeholders understanding of eMeistrings usefulness and ease of use is planned in 2025.

Main supervisor:

Robin Kenter – ForHelse Work package 4, Helse Bergen

Reidar Nævdal

Reidar Nævdal


Doktorgradsstipendiat Universitetet i Bergen/Helse Bergen