About the project

UngMeistring is a project funded through the Research Council of Norway’s PilotHelse program for ambitious innovation projects that will contribute to sustainability in the health and care services and at the same time value creation in the Norwegian health industry. The project is led from Helse Bergen and lasts for the period 2022-2026. The project also participates in the Norwegian Directorate of Health’s cross-sectoral programme DigiUng. The project is also funded through the DigiUng programme.

The project’s main goal is to develop and evaluate eight web-based self-help and treatment programs for adolescents. These will be used by the inhabitants, and the primary and specialist health services. UngMeistring will develop programs for adolescents with anxiety, ADHD, depression and eating disorders. Young people have so far not been offered digital health services from public actors, but the increasing demand at the same time as resource challenges in the services mean that we have to look for new ways to reach young people. We will try to reach them earlier, in a format that they recognize, on platforms such as ung.no, public health nurse and psychologist in BUP.

UngMeistring will contribute to:

1) increase access to mental health services

2) increase the use of evidence-based mental health services

3) increase user involvement

4) increase the utilization of resources

5) increase the use of digital technology that meets children and young people where they are

6) increase flexibility for users

7) increase value creation in the health industry

8) increase cooperation on health service development

Kristin Bruvik
Kristin Bruvik

9) increase public-private partnerships to increase sustainability and value creation

10) increase access to freely available digital self-help tools

UngMeistring is led from Helse Bergen with Kristin Bruvik as project manager.  The project consists of partners from the public sector, from primary and secondary health services, from the research and education sector and from private industry actors. Read more about our partners

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