The Research Centre

Forhelse aims to increase access to safe and knowledge-based healthcare services using digital technology. Forhelse consists of externally funded multi-year research and innovation projects where we work closely with national and international partners in academia, industry, the health services and user organisations. Our projects are: Forhelse SFI, UngMeistring, DigiFlex and PIECES. Forhelse is a department in the Mental Health Care Division at Helse Bergen.

Forhelse SFI is a project for research based innovation, led by Haukeland University Hospital. The centre is funded by The Research Council of Norway.

The SFI scheme seeks to:

  • Facilitate active, long-term cooperation between innovation-oriented, R&D-performing companies and prominent research groups.
  • Promote the development of outstanding industry-oriented research clusters that are an integral part of dynamic international networks and that enhance the internationalisation of the Norwegian business sector.
  • Encourage and enhance researcher training and the transfer of knowledge and technology in areas with major potential for future value creation.