About Forhelse

Research centre for digital mental health services is a centre for research based innovation, led by Haukeland University Hospital. The centre is funded by The Research Council of Norway.

The SFI scheme seeks to:

  • Facilitate active, long-term cooperation between innovation-oriented, R&D-performing companies and prominent research groups.
  • Promote the development of outstanding industry-oriented research clusters that are an integral part of dynamic international networks and that enhance the internationalisation of the Norwegian business sector.
  • Encourage and enhance researcher training and the transfer of knowledge and technology in areas with major potential for future value creation.

What is a SFI? The SFI-arrangement is meant to strengthen innovation through investing in long-term research in a close partnership with different FoU active businesses and leading research environments. SFI develops proficiency on an international level in areas important for innovation and benefit. The arrangement is there to strengthen technology, internationalization and education. This presupposes financing between the host institution, partners and the Norwegian science council. Businesses must participate actively in the managing the research centre, its financing and research. The centres are established for a period reaching from maximum five plus three years. The main criteria to choose a centre to establish is its potential for innovation and benefit. The quality of the research must be on a high international level.