UngMeistring is a new project that officially started on April 1. 2022. The main goal of the project is to develop and evaluate eight digital online and game-based self-help and treatment programmes for young people. These are aimed at inhabitants, and the primary and specialised health services.

UngMeistring will develop digital treatment programs for youth that struggles with anxiety, ADHD, depression and eating disorders.

The project was granted 25 million kroner by the Norwegian Research Council and the Norwegian Directorate of Health has granted the project 6 million kroner in 2022 through their DigiUng programme.

The project is led by the Bergen Health Trust (Helse Bergen). Kristin Bruvik is the project manager.

Other partners:

  • Helse Fonna HF
  • Helse Stavanger HF
  • Universitetssykehuset Nord-Norge HF
  • Municipality of Bømlo
  • Youwell AS
  • Attensi AS
  • Skillup AS
  • Helse Vest IKT (Western Norway Regional Health Authority ICT dept)
  • The Norwegian Hospital Procurement Trust
  • Norwegian Directorate for Health
  • University of Bergen

Opening seminar 5th of April

The project officially started on April 1. A few days later the partners met in Bergen for the opening seminar. Read what project manager Kristin Bruvik had to say about the day:

It was great to see how involved everyone was. This project will challenge multiple aspects of digital healthcare and raise questions we still do not have the answers to, such as how we handle privacy for youth who do not have Bank-id.

In the last two years we have seen an increase of youth who struggle with their mental health. It will be interesting to work more with user involvement to see what kind of needs the youth we want to help has. The project will combine technology and academic content in a way that hopefully will engage the youth and give a positive effect on their mental health. We want to use platforms like ung.no where the youth can find information themselves, we want to collaborate with the municipalities and strengthen their mental health offers for youth and we want to strengthen the specialist health care services with digital tools to become more effective.