Meeting with the Minister of Health

Jonny Klemetsen, helseminister Ingvild Kjerkol, Smiti Kahlon og Kristin Bruvik

Forhelse and our DigiUng Programme benefit greatly from a close collaboration with the Norwegian Directorate for Health and Social Affairs. This collaboration gave us the opportunity to attend an exciting meeting with the Minister of Health, Ingvild Kjerkol, on 10 February in Oslo. The purpose of those meetings was for the minister to get acquainted with the important work being done by DigiUng and to draw attention to the digitalisation of health services for young people.

DigiUng’s youth panel also participated and had prepared a range of issues related to mental health. This laid the foundation for a good dialogue with Kjerkol. From Bergen, Jonny Klemetsen representing Youwell and researcher Smiti Kahlon from Forhelse were invited to say a few words. They both stressed the importance of collaborating with youth in developing digital health services for adolescents. Kahlon also presented the challenge facing young people today (13-15 years) not having digital ID at security level 4. This raises the threshold for using digital health services for this group very high.

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