Work packages

Work package 4 – Implementation

Conduct a multicentre innovative and beyond state-of-the-art research trial on the effectiveness of a tailored implementation strategy toolkit adapted to the Norwegian context and CMMH’s objectives. 4.1. Conduct a multicenter trial including five sites: a) three secondary care clinics in three health regions providing the eMeistring treatment for anxiety and depression; b) one primary care clinic with low-threshold treatment for adolescents with anxiety; c) clinic providing education and long-term follow-up for adults with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

The multicenter trial includes adoption of the ItFits-toolkit, collect baseline data, introduce the Itfits-toolkit and a continuous assessment of the uptake of digital psychological interventions (main outcome) and normalization of service provision in staff members. 4.2. Understand the mechanisms that shape implementation across settings.

WP manager: Robin Kenter, Helse Bergen

Robin Maria Francisca Kenter

Researcher, PhD Post Doc Universitetet i Bergen – Haukeland universitetssykehus