Visit by experts from the Scientific Advisory Council to Forhelse

Visit by experts from the Scientific Advisory Council to Forhelse

On May 19th and 20th, Forhelse received a magnificent visit from researchers from the Scientific Advisory Council (SAC). The two days were characterized by useful and good conversations about digital health services.

The three experts were Professor Nick Titov at Macquarie University in Australia, Professor Heleen Riper at the Free University of Amsterdam and Professor Lee Ritterband at the University of Virginia. The purpose of the visit was to get input and professional discussions about the center’s work with various research projects.

– We have been very lucky with our SAC experts who have generously shared their years of experience in the development of, and research, on digital health services, says center manager Tine Nordgreen.

Center leader, Tine Nordgreen, opened the gathering by introducing the researchers to the center and the research, and giving them insight into the challenges Forhelse wanted to get input on.

The research in Forhelse is divided into different work packages and several of these were presented during the meeting.

Read more about the work packages here.

Leaders from the work packages and PhDs attended the gathering and helped present the work packages and the research associated with them. Along the way, they received useful input, questions and feedback from the experts and the other participants.

Day one ended with a panel debate on the themes in the work packages.

On day two, Forhelse had invited a research project related to the work in the center. One of these was the recently started project UngMeistring.

Read more about UngMeistring here.

UngMeistring is a project aimed at young people with various mental disorders and the youth group as users of digital health services were specifically discussed. In addition, Solli DPS participated with its project eMeistring – Health and work, which was presented by Henning Monsen.

The collaboration between SAC and Forhelse will continue closely in the years ahead by SAC following up the center with semi-annual reports and digital meetings, as well as a new physical meeting this year.

See more photos from the day below.