Two new online treatments for eMeistring in Helse-Bergen

In collaboration with DigiHub in Forhelse, eMeistring has developed two new online treatments for people with insomnia and ADHD.

– We at eMeistring are very pleased with the results of the new programs for Insomnia and ADHD. We are also grateful for the collaboration with Intromat/Forhelse and DigiHub, says section leader in eMeistring, Kjersti Skare

Before Christmas, the work on developing an online treatment program for people with insomnia started. The treatment and the academic content have been developed by Kerstin Blom, sleep expert and researcher at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. DigiHub has in collaboration with Blom developed the visual profile and the digital content.

In addition to a strong academic content and method, the program is equipped with a digital sleep diary, a toolbox with information and large amounts of illustrations and interactions that will promote user participation and learning for the patient.

Both treatments are module-based, as you can see an example of here.

After Christmas, the work on an online treatment program for adults with ADHD started. The academic content, and the program, was first developed by psychologist and researcher Robin Kenter, who is also the work package owner in Forhelse.

The treatment which Kenter first created was a self-help program that was used in research into the use of online treatment for adults with ADHD. With feedback from the clinicians in eMeistring, DigiHub has made adjustments and changes to the program so that it can be used with therapist support.

The end product is educational, user-friendly and modern programs that we look forward to using, says Skare.

The ADHD program uses, among other things, videos as a tool.

She says that they are planning a pilot of the insomnia program after the summer vacation and hope they can start using them ordinarily during the autumn of 2022. This also applies to the ADHD program.

-eMeistring is a good offer and we want to reach as many patients as possible with our treatment. Now that we have more treatment programs, we can offer even more patients treatment. Treatment for insomnia and ADHD is in demand in the health service and we have experienced great interest in when programs can be used. We are excited about how the new programs will be received by patients and colleagues.

– It has been very educational and exciting to work with eMeistring in the development of these programs, says team leader in DigiHub, Ingeborg Kløve-Graue.

She says that it as been important in the development to work with eMeistring, who has used online treatment for many years, and to learn from them.

– At the same time, I think they have benefited from our team which has an interdisciplinary background and can help make programs both visually fine, but also user-friendly, says Kløve-Graue.

Both programs are created on business partner Youwell’s platform.

-In addition to a good collaboration with eMeistring, it is also important to have a steady and innovative business partner like Youwell on the team, and I hope and believe this will be a program that is well received, says Kløve-Graue.