The government is betting on youth

In this year’s state budget the government has proposed to allocate extra funds to Digi-Ung – a program that works to gather health-related information and public services in one place to make it easier for adolescence to navigate when needed. The information gathers at 

UngMeistring at the research center is one of the projects in Digi-.Ung, and collaborates in the development of digital health services for this user group. In the budget proposal they suggest to give Digi-Ung an additional 5 million NOK to strengthen the digital services, which is great news for the digital health services for the future youth. You can read more about UngMeistring here.

In addition to this, the government has decided that, through Digi-Ung, ung-no will be the state’s primary channel for information, dialogue and services for children and adolescence across different service levels.

You can read more about Digi-Ung and excerpts from the budget proposal here:

Regjeringen satser på DIGI-UNG (