Meet post.doc Jørn Heggelund

Jørn Heggelund

In Trondheim, research is being done on the cost-effectiveness of the digital treatment that is under developement in the research centre. It is an important piece of work for the future conditions of the programs being designed. This week we have become a little better acquainted with the everyday working life of post.doc. Jørn Heggelund, who is based at St. Olav’s Hospital.

Heggelund has extensive experience from research in mental healthcare and improvement projects at the hospital. With a doctorate in clinical medicine and 13 years in research, he now works on work package 2 cost-benefit. The aim here is to try to give some answers on how to organize yourself as efficiently as possible when facilitating digital health services. In practice, this is about looking at which organizational and administrative measures are in place to make the service cost-effective.

-Why did you want to be a part of Forhelse?

– The health service is under great pressure and there is a need to rethink and find sustainable solutions. That is why we need knowledge, data and good analyses. Forhelse’s work with digital mental health services has a unique approach by combining innovation-driven research with business and clinical collaboration. Here we have the opportunity to make a difference and I want to be part of that, says Heggelund eagerly.

The daily work of Heggelund and the team currently involves collecting and systematizing the data that has been found. Here, there is good cooperation with the participating DPSs, which in this work package are Nidaros, Bjørgvin, Vestfold and Innlandet.

You can read more about work package 2 here.

– What do you think will be important in the digital future?

– The overall goal for the health service will always be to ensure safe and effective health services. There are many indications that the digital services both provide better access to health services, better utilization of resources and patient satisfaction, says Heggelund.

Digital challanges

For Heggelund, it is crucial to ensure that all digital measures result in a benefit for the patients and the services. He points out that it is particularly important to look after those citizens who do not have much digital experience, and that people with low health skills do not receive a worse health service.

– I strongly believe in improvement, innovation and development – both for patients and for healthcare services. I am passionate about research-driven innovation and quality assurance of new solutions, adds Heggelund.

– What makes you look forward to going to work?

– There are many good people in the project and everyone willingly shares their experiences. It is really exciting to meet and take part in the experiences of the people who perform the health services on a daily basis and to have the opportunity to analyze and systematize these experiences. Forhelse is a large and forward research centre. It is well run and has a large contact point and expertise, adds Heggelund in conclusion.

There are many indications that the digital services both provide better access to health services, better utilization of resources and patient satisfaction

Post.doc Jørn Heggelund