Meet our partner eMeistring – Helse Bergen

Forhelse has three eMestring-partners, and eMeistring in Helse Bergen is one of them. They offer internet-based treatment for anxiety, panic disorder and depression. They are also working on the development of digital treatment programs for patients with insomnia and ADHD.

We have had a chat with the subject manager, Gunn Elise Sætre, about the work they do in eMeistring and why they wanted to be part of the center.

Gunn Elise Sætre, Head of eMeistring Health Bergen

What was your motivation behind joining the center?

eMeistring in Helse-Bergen has used evidence-based digital tools in the treatment of anxiety and depression in the specialist health service since 2013. We receive good feedback from patients who have received treatment from us, and we want our participation in the center to help motivate decision-makers to make use of digital treatment interventions to a greater extent, by providing increased knowledge about how it can be done in a cost-effective way.

eMeistring Helse Bergen is part of two work packages – cost/benefit and implementation. They will contribute with number materials, knowledge and experiences with the use of digital psychological treatment in studies that will examine the extent to which such interventions are cost-effective and that look at the effect of different implementation strategies.

Why is digitization important in the health sector?

The use of digital health services has the potential to reach a larger number of patients than traditional treatment and provide an equal offer regardless of factors such as demographic and social conditions. It can also contribute to the professional resources in the health services being distributed in a better and more efficient way.

What do you want to achieve during the 8 years the center will exist?

We want even more patients to be offered treatment in eMeistring. We also want efforts to be made to develop and facilitate the implementation of treatment programs for more conditions than we currently have.

If you want to read more about eMeistring in Helse-Bergen, you can do so here.