Joint gathering in Forhelse December 2nd 2021

The centre had its opening in december 2022, and the pandemic has set limits for physical meetings until this autumn. On September 2nd, all the partners in the center gathered for the first physical joint meeting in the center.
Gruppebilde SFIet

There was a presentation round where all partners talked about their projects, with both goals and challenges. The project “Youth with anxiety” was presented by Ragnhild Thornam from Bergen municipality, we heard about the work in Health in Hardanger from Sissel Aase Børve. Chairman of the board Jonny Klemetsen from the business partner YouWell presented objectives for the work package with digital psychiatric treatments and effect studies. The cost-benefit work package was presented by Vidar Halsteinli from St. Olavs, we heard updates from eMeistring Bergen and eMestring Vestfold, and the implementation work package was presented by Robin Kenter.

Furthermore, work was done on the work plan for 2022. Led by the work package leaders, the details for 2022 were discussed in groups, with clarifications, division of work, objectives and delivery plans. Then work was done on risk factors and relevant measures related to this.

There is great value in meeting physically and being able to work together on subjects, but also having the informal break conversations and joint lunch. We see that new collaborations and networks are emerging, which in turn create good synergy effects and are completely in line with the goal of what such a center should be.

We are already looking forward to the next physical gathering the upcoming spring.

These partners in Forhelse were present: Bergen kommune, CheckWare, eMeistring Bergen, eMestring Vestfold, Helse Bergen, Helse i Hardanger, Lifekeys, National Center for e-Health Research, St. Olavs Hospital, University of Bergen and Youwell.