Focuses fully on digital health services for young people

The DigiUng team

Last week, representatives from UngMeistring were in Oslo to have a workshop with the Norwegian Directorate of Health’s DIGI-UNG. They are one of the partners in UngMeistring and aim to make it easier for young people to access digital health services.

DIGI-UNG wants young people to easily find information and services in one place, rather than looking in a jungle of public enterprises. One of the offers in DIGI-UNG will eventually be the self-help interventions that will be developed by UngMeistring.

Read more about UngMeistring here.

DIGI-UNG currently has seven projects, all of which focus on young people. These are Search, Chat and e-learning which can be found on, DigiFastlege, DigiHelsestasjon, Rettighetsautomaten, Ungdommens tjenesteportal, Snakk om PSA / SSA and UngMeistring.

Read more about the projects here.

On May 12th, these seven projects came together to get to know each other and learn from each other. UngMeistring competed strongly with three participants; post.doc Thomas Potrebny, PhD student Guri Elise Holgersen and project manager Kristin Hogstad Bruvik.

– We were happy to have the opportunity to meet others who work with digital services aimed at young people, and make contacts that can benefit the project over the next four years, says Kristin Hogstad Bruvik, project manager at UngMeistring.

Post.doc in eMeistring, Thomas Potrebny and project manager Kristin Hogstad Bruvik in the get-to-know-each other-exercise

Visit by the Ministry of Health and Care Services and exciting group exercises

The workshop had a packed and exciting program.

– We had a visit from the Ministry of Health and Care Services, heard about solution architecture in DigiUng and Missions where we were to see where DigiUng is in 10 years, and towards the end of the day a custom-made group exercise where each of the seven project managers were assigned a group of three people from the other projects who knew something that was relevant to a specific problem, says Bruvik.

UngMeistring submitted two issues for this exercise; “What experiences do the projects have with the use of game mechanisms and interaction for young people aged 12-15 and 16-18?” and “what experiences have you had with regard to the storage of personal data and different levels of security?”

– We were so lucky to be assigned three highly competent people for this work: Christian Elvsaas, Morten Nordanger and Robin Føyen. They willingly shared their expertise and experience related to security, privacy, storage of sensitive information, ROS-analyzes and legislation in their own DigiUng projects, says Bruvik.

Further collaboration across Teams

When project manager Bruvik was to present the results of the discussion to the rest of the group, there was only one point under Action points, namely Team meetings.

– The whole day was characterized by openness, warmth and a willingness to share and collaborate on developing good digital services for young people, says Bruvik.

Bruvik says that the project participants from UngMeistring managed to get to know others who have similar issues as themselves, and especially learn from others in the same field.

– We formed networks that we will greatly enjoy further in the project. We greatly appreciate being able to participate in the DIGI-UNG program, says Bruvik.